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  • Gathering around some good food and drinks is a great way to connect with people! In attending CIO Forum lunches with vTech, I have met and connected with technology business leaders from the greater Cleveland/Akron area who share similar challenges in a variety of environments. The mix of business and pleasure makes for an effective time to both chat about the weather and brainstorm technology solutions in one get-together. Highly recommended!

    Thanks, Jon!

    Chad R. Voller, MCP, PMP, ITIL
    Bober Markey Fedorovich

  • As the CIO at a private school, I see a wide spectrum of technical opportunities and challenges on a daily basis. Sharing these events with my contemporaries in a relaxed, yet productive environment allows me to think through and process resolutions, resulting in less stress for me, and happier, more protected workers.

    Sam Lindsay, MSIS
    Director of Technology
    Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School

  • I do see these CIO forum as beneficial. It enables me to connect and learn from other CIO’s in the area. Topics include: hurricane lessons learned, resourcing challenges, lesson learned on new technologies, etc. I found this latest one where we highlighted security and brought our CSO very beneficial. I really look forward to the next one where we will talk about the European laws and impact to USA companies. I belong to Gartner, but that medium doesn’t address our locally geographic items.

    Donna Slyster
    CIO, Saddlecreek Logistics

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed the CIO meeting’s. It’s great to hear from other people about the problems they are experiencing and discuss solutions. The times when we had speakers, were always very informative.
    I have used things that I’ve learned in the meetings, to help at various job sites.

    Greg Schroeder
    Breakfree Technologies

  • The CIO forum is one of the only local groups where I can engage other senior leaders and talk about the challenges we all face. We can discuss products and our experiences with them and have a frank interchange of ideas and perspectives and there’s never any sales pressure.

    Barry Axelrod CISSP
    Chief Information Security Officer
    21st Century Oncology

  • “Nice informal small luncheon from various industries having a conversation regarding new and trending technology, and the ever evolving best practices, and yes, some times we solve someone’s problem. I always have a take away of some sort.”

    Harold Schomaker, CGCIO | Information Technology Director/CIO
    City of Largo, Florida

  • “The CIO Forum continues to provide an excellent environment for local leaders to interact in a stress-free environment. After each forum I come away with innovative ideas that drive me to become a better leader.”
    Thank You,

    Jason Ricci
    IS Manager
    Johns Eastern

  • “I am honored to be a part of the VTechIO CIO Forum lunches. It is energizing to share stories with my peers in the Cincinnati market. We get a chance to share best-practices in many IT disciplines and share information about product, services, and vendors that we’ve all engaged with. I specifically found a simulated Phising technology that others in the forum were using and have since deployed it in our enterprise. I look forward to the next event.”

    VP, Information Technology Services
    Mike Albert Fleet Solutions
    Cincinnati • Ohio • 45241

  • The CIO forum lunches have provided a means to speak to other local area CIOs to gain some perspective on software/vendors/processes they use and some of their successes and pains and how they relate to my company and myself. Since I’ve joined this group I’ve had some outside conversations with a couple of the members and have even joined a couple of other groups that they have recommended. The other value I have received is building a relationship with Jon and VTechio vs. a standard salesperson and customer relationship. I highly recommend this forum for other cities and states.

    Greg Frimming
    INNOMARK | Director of Information Technology
    Fairfield, OH

  • “I would like to express my continued support for this initiative. It’s the only event I attend where participants are driving the discussion. Once we’re past introductions we typically don’t hear from our vTech hosts until a question is posed to them.
    This format lends itself to always being topical. These meeting are schedule months in advance and with the rapid pace of technology having user driven conversations allows us to talk about what’s relevant today, not 3 months ago.
    I also very much agree with the decision to include IT leadership as a whole, not just CIO/CTO’s. Not every company is organized the same way and excluding non C-level management would be a disservice to the group as many of the attendees are performing CIO work without the title.
    Lastly, it builds a better IT community, and that benefits everyone.
    Thank you for your time and I look forward to 2018’s forums.”

    Jacob Ackerman
    Chief Technology Officer

  • “I have attended the IT Leadership Forums put on by vTECHio recently and both have been very informative and helpful. We have discussed pain points, trending threats, and recent successes within each of our organizations that have sparked insightful dialogues.

    Being able to bounce problems and ideas off of other IT leaders in organizations of different sizes has also been valuable, finding that some have already been through similar situations and can discuss the successes and pitfalls they encountered along the way. Sometimes, a different perspective is all that is needed.

    While not sales driven, or even sales oriented, it is not uncommon for the hardware and technology used in these projects to come up in the discussion, especially when they are very proud of the solution they have chosen to implement. I, for one, have found the forums to be very beneficial and will attend more in the near future.”

    Scott Silvers
    Director of Technology | Accuform