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“I would like to express my continued support for this initiative. It’s the only event I attend where participants are driving the discussion. Once we’re past introductions we typically don’t hear from our vTech hosts until a question is posed to them.
This format lends itself to always being topical. These meeting are schedule months in advance and with the rapid pace of technology having user driven conversations allows us to talk about what’s relevant today, not 3 months ago.
I also very much agree with the decision to include IT leadership as a whole, not just CIO/CTO’s. Not every company is organized the same way and excluding non C-level management would be a disservice to the group as many of the attendees are performing CIO work without the title.
Lastly, it builds a better IT community, and that benefits everyone.
Thank you for your time and I look forward to 2018’s forums.”

Jacob Ackerman
Chief Technology Officer